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December 7th/2002 solutions

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can anyone please share with me which section was the unscored on the december 7/02 Lsat?? and secondly, how did you find the test over all? Do you feel like it was comparible to the other lsats?

Cheers, and Good Luck  :)

Both my 3rd and 4th were reading comp.  But I think the experimental section can vary from test to test.  i'd love to figure this one out too.  what section of yours was experimental?   :P

Brian Boone:
  We can figure this out easily.  If you can remember what kinds of games you had in the Logic Games Section, we can figure out which section was experimental.  I had two Logic Games Sections, so one of them must have been the experimental section on my test.  What were your games about?

Your experiemental reading section was the one that did not have the passage about Mexican mural paintings, because my test had that in my only reading section.  You see what I mean?  What were your games about?

i believe the 3rd was experimental; but it may vary from test to test.

the game with birthdays, fish picking, conferences & folders was the real thing.

did you have any idea what the fairy tale passage was about?

the game with the conferences got me.

Brian Boone:
The fairy tale passage was centered on the psychologist's tendency to only view fairy tales as morally-bound tools for instructing typically selfish children and his tendency to portray adults as innocent.   So you had the fishing game on yours?  I thought the last few questions on that game were too involved.


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