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Has anyone in the history of LSD ever turned down their highest ranked school?

We've been seeing a lot of "School X vs. School Y with full tuition" threads lately, where school X and Y are both top 30 schools, with X ranked 10-15 spots higher than Y.  I had this same dilema myself with Northwestern vs. UIUC, although the scholarship offer wasn't quite full tuition.  In every single case, the overwhelming reponse is: "Are you crazy??  You have to go to the best school you get into, no matter what the cost!!"  I'm not necessarily decrying this decision, because it's one I made myself.  But I just assumed that everyone wouldn't make the exact same decision.  Lately I've been getting the feeling that, for the most part, everyone does; no matter what scholarship offers you have, it's never worth turning down a school ranked 10-15 spots higher by USNWR.  I'm curious to hear if anyone out there has decided to turn down the best school that accepted them in order to attend a "lesser" school for free, or significantly reduced tuition?


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I'm taking Texas with money over NYU, if that counts [10 spots].

NYU with no aid is about $57,000 a year.
Texas gave me in-state tuition, yielding a budget of $31,000 a year, and they gave me $5k a year. It's not even a question.

[The only thing that might derail that is a hail mary acceptance from Yale or Stanford.]

I think when you are talking a top 20 vs one 15-25 spots lower the difference is pretty big and most people pick the top school.  But, when you are talking lower T2 vs T3 or T3 vs T4 the situation is totally different.  In 2005 MSU was a T4 and Mercer was a T2, but I probably would have picked MSU over Mercer and that would have been a whole tier difference.
I didn't apply to Temple because I would rather go to PSU or another school not in a big city.


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I'm turning down Loyola Marymount for USF (w/ $$). That's 2nd tier vs. 3rd, but they're also both regional schools and I want to practice in SF.

IF I get into Hastings, that will be a different story.


I think I might turn down Ohio State w. $$$ for lower ranked (and private) Loyola Los Angeles with no $$$.

Tough call though, I'm still not 100%.


Some dude posted the other day about taking Howard over Georgetown (or was it Cornell?). He was being offered a significant amount of $$$. Still pretty insane in my book.


I'm going to Loyola New Orleans over the University of Denver.


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I live on the East Coast and want to practice in California.  If Hastings had offered me money I would have gone to it over BU and W&M.  But they couldn't give me anything.  So I'm headed to W&M, which costs half as much as BU.

Sent in my seat deposit to Ohio State yesterday. I'm in state and they offered me a good deal of money. I had no $ from GULC and about 1/3 tuition from GW (which doesn't amount to much).

There are lots of other factors that came into play for me. To be brief, I'll just say I'm interested in public interest work and not really in a big firm. I'm also getting married this summer. My fiance and I felt that a large amount of debt would prevent us from living the life we want for about 10 years, which we were uncomfortable with.

I'm turning down Emory and UGA for Alabama...that is a big drop in rankings. 

I love the school atmosphere and I feel that it is the best fit for me.  Furthermore, I have a young family and I hate debt.  I'd rather spend my money on saving for my boy's college tuition than on my 2nd career!