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Has anyone called telescore today to get their score early?  I just did and disappointed to find out that I got a 143 (21%).  The only good thing is that I only applied to two schools with evening programs and one of them luckily is looking between a 143 and 161.  My gpa is 3.0.  No responses yet from the schools.  What did you get? :'( :'(

Yeah, I called in on Saturday.  I got a 156 (70%), which, all things considered, I'm fairly satisfied with.  I have a B.S. in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, but with only a 2.6 cum (LSAC calcs). I've been working as a spacecraft engineer for General Dynamics for five years, and have started a number of my own technology/engineering companies on the side (Corps/LLCs).  I'm looking at Loyola Law School and Southwestern for the night divisions, Fall 2003.  I'm just now sending in my apps; but as a fallback, I'm starting this evening at a local CBA law school (Ventura College of Law).  Good luck to you.  Where are you applying?

I hope you are very satisfied with your score.  I really think it all depends on what school you are applying for.  I applied to Suffolk Law School and New England School both of which I would attend part-time at nights (I have three daughters to feed).  Suffolk is a first tier but put a lot of emphasis into stressing that they don't count you out over your lsats. And New England the same but my 143 was within their accepted range.  So now I will wait and see.  If you're going to apply you should do it asap because the last LSAT exam was Feb. and that will determine the incoming class.  How do you go about getting LSAC to calculate your gpa?  I read about it on some of the other discussions but when I go to nothing pops up.  Good luck! ;)

In order to take the LSAT you should have registered with LSAC.  You should be able to access your personal LSAC account online at the website you mentioned.  Most, if not all, ABA schools that you apply to require you to send your transcripts to LSAC for their evaluation.  The ABA schools you apply to then want LSAC to directly provide them your undergrad GPA based upon LSAC's evaluation of your transcripts.  This is the GPA used in the GPA/LSAT index for most ABA schools.  In my case, my school had me at 2.79 cum, but LSAC calculated 2.61 cum based upon their independent evaluation of my grades.  I'm just hoping Loyola and Southwestern take a good look at my resume/statement/letters.  If they do, I should be in the ballpark.  Good luck.

I registered already but I don't see anything that says what my gpa is according to them.  What section is it in?  Or did they send you out a letter with that information on it?


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