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I'm guessing your decision to pick Ole Miss over UK was purely financial? It looks like I'm going to be faced with the same decision, and I haven't had a chance to visit UK yet. I may be joining you guys in Oxford in the fall.

I will say this though, they have a beautiful campus. The law school building isn't unbearable. Oxford is much smaller than you will be used to, though. I believe the town has something like 11k. The women are gorgeous, best in the SEC.


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It wasnt purely financial, but that definitely had alot to do with it.  Plus Im interested in staying in the south, AL, TN, GA, NC, SC,  and I actually think that mississippi might have a small edge over kentucky in those areas, although kentucky does better else where.    But Ole Miss has alot to offer too, so I guess it just came down to the point where i didnt think that kentucky was that much better to be worth the difference financially.  I visited UK, it was nice, but nothing special.   From what I hear,  Oxford is a great place, so Im going to role the dice.       
    And yes, the Ole Miss hotties played into my decision :-).   I only hope that at least some of them like my chi-town accent.