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Based on actual visits to schools, which school have been the biggest surprises


lol I dont know why I put I will probably drive, I will drive.

That is fine if you PM that to me.

Old or young, I don't really know. It is a college town to an extent. Dickinson College is right next to the law school. I think its about 3,000 students, and most people live in the area. The town is very small! Harrisburg is were students go on the weekend and it's about 15 min away. In Carlisle about 3 or 4 miles out of town toward I-81 are some motels. I stayed in one (maybe the Comfort Inn? - not 100% sure, blue sign) for only $35.00. My visit was around 9:00 am and I left town for the 8 1/2 hour drive back to Michigan around 1:00 pm.


well that should give us a young surrounding since 3,000 college students in such a small town is still good. In the letter of interest you will notice in the reasons I want to attend, I included their rise in rankings, even though I wanted to go there much b4 the rankings came out, I wonder if that is going to get me in trouble.


I was surprised by GMU- I was hoping for a more energetic group. They seemed to like Mason, but not as enthusiastically as people at other schools do.

I was impressed with the facilities at Wash U- nothing has come close so far.

I was surprised by GMU- I was hoping for a more energetic group. They seemed to like Mason, but not as enthusiastically as people at other schools do.

I got the same impression but I was only there for a class. Didn't even get a tour. Did you go to admit day?


Case Western-
I originally applied because I already live in Ohio, liked the website, free app and to appease my boyfriend (who willl remain in Columbus, Ohio). Basically, I didn't expect much, BUT when I went to visit I absolutely knew it was the place for me!  I loved the school, the facilities, the people I met.  The Director of the Int'l Law program sat down with me unscheduled, on a Saturday, to discuss the IL program and what it had to offer me!  Cleveland reminded me a lot of my hometown and puts me 2.5 hours closer to my family.  The fact that the living is cheap and I recieved a scholarship for almost half tuition is also a great bonus.   ;D

Re: Emory
I Agree completely with Pseudononymous and Sejul, and couldn't disagree more with Aaron######
I had definite doubts about the school prior to going, but was very impressed with most things, including the students and the faculty.

George Mason was notnearly as nice as I had envisioned it. The building in new but it is very bland and cold. The students I spoke with weren't all that wonderful either. In the end, my visit there convinced me to NOT apply.


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I had the same experience at Notheastern, the building was a dump, the people were not only unfriendly, some were plain hostile, and the whole "no grades, co-op" thing seems more unappealing the more times I talk to people outside of the school environment.

I was really impressed with Suffolk, although it seemed a little too big and the students had a "worst school in Boston" chip on their shoulders.