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i need major help (literally)

Re: i need major help (literally)
« Reply #10 on: July 09, 2005, 02:47:59 PM »
If your school has business majors and you're set on business, do finance or accounting.  All the rest (management, enterpreneurship, and marketing) are essentially applied common sense with group projects.  If you do finance or accounting, you'll be required to take a broad business core beyond your major field, and you can take english, poly sci, or philo courses as your outside electives.


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Re: i need major help (literally)
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As with everybody here the best thing is to take on a major that interests you the most. Perhaps, a poli sci major would be nice with an internship during your sophomore year in DC would come off well with law schools. Furthermore, that internship can probably count for your U.S. Gov't upper division credits. Also, look at your schools catalogue for some quick shortcuts for a minor. For example, at my school a Poli Sci major can receive a Pre-Law minor by just taking once extra class, thankfully, they have not found the loophole. Furthermore, if you feel that taking Pre-Calc will get you a C then you may want to take it your senior year of college. As, a Pass/No Pass will impact your GPA after LSDAS takes a crack at it. For example, I am horrible at Calculus but I am taking it next semester during my senior year in case if I get a C or a P it will not impact my transcripts being sent to Law Schools. Either way, best of luck.

Re: i need major help (literally)
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Seriously, picking a major before you start college is like going out to a restaurant and deciding what to order before you look at the menu.