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« Reply #10 on: May 07, 2003, 05:49:52 AM »
I'll agree with this as well.  There are many ways to determine what somebody's socio-economic background are without asking the question, "What race are you?"  The fact that the question is even on college applications is insulting to me, and it should be insulting to the minority groups as well.  If people want to be considered partially on the basis of their SE background then I'm sure some genius can devise a questionaire that can adequately answer the question without asking what a person's race is.  What we're doing economically is actually providing an incentive for people of minority races to perform at a lesser standard because we're giving them an excuse to do so, because they can't help it, they're disadvantaged by circumstance.  There's a large portion of this in all races.  If they're going to consider SE disadvantaged people for admissions then they need to do it for all races.  They need to remove the race question entirely and go from there.  There should be no discrimination one way OR the other on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age, or religion in the admissions process.  I'm working my butt off to get the grades I need to get into a good law school and it disgusts me to think that my state university is even going so far as to defend what it believes is its right to practice racism (affirmative-action-based admissions) in the Supreme Court.