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--- Quote from: twarga on April 06, 2005, 02:01:40 PM ---What did it say to make it so obnoxious.... do tell!

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I agree.  It doesn't make any sense to just name a school w/o explaining why.

Come on, let us in on the hate.

Yea I'm interested...

well I did not apply there, but my classmate's rejection to NYU was pretty obnoxious! It was like a paragraph and it looked like a five year old had stuffed it because it was folded in like fourths and top the sting of "we could give a *&^% where you go" the Dean's signiature was photocopied. Not only was it not signed, it wasn't even done by an auto pen...I know NYU can afford a high quality printer now....but at least in the end she could laugh about it!


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