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"Your application is still in with the committee; no decision has been made"

Is this just ad com code for ding?!  So on Friday I decided to call all of the schools I haven't heard anything from yet.  Every school said the same thing "Your application is still in with the committee, no decision has been made"  Then I come home to find a rejection from Pitt that was dated March 29!  I was fully expecting this rejection but Pitt was one of the schools that said "no decision has been made."  Now I'm nervous that the other school that told me the same thing has also rejected me!

Any thoughts on this?  Do they all just tell you that your app is still with the committee just to get you off the phone?

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I had this happen three different places--two wait lists and one rejection. So at least there's some hope...

yeah I heard the same thing when I called Mercer this morning. I have been complete since Jan. i wish they would send something already! ???