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June 2003 LSAT - experimental games section

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I posted this already in the general board section.  I hate to double post but finding out which games section was experimental may prove critical in my decision whether or not to cancel my scores.

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I am trying to figure out which games section on the june 2003 lsat was experimental.
I am suffering from extreme brain-addling at the moment, and can only recall two different games which I believe to have been on the separate sections.
First test:
One game included five cities, among them vancouver, montreal, honolulu, and two others.  They are connected with flight paths.
Second test:
The second game had 6 paintings by an artist.  The six paintings were from three different time periods (two from each), and you had to figure out if either a museum or a private collector bought each painting.
Anyone with only one Game section recognize either of these?  I have a feeling the first test was experimental simply because it was so weird.

I took the LSAT June 9 2003; I only had one game section and it was the one about the different cities.

I have also recently taken the June 2003 LSAT. I am fairly certain that the scored section about which you have curiosity included the game about the 5 cities, ect. The LSAT I took included three logical reasoning sections and I am fairly certain that the third section was experimental b/c of the high incidence of principle questions ... of which consisted of approximately half the questions asked in the third section of the exam I took. Hope this helps and good luck! :)

peter sands:
I also had the "cities" game on my LSAT yesterday.

Did anyone else think that this test was actually harder than the "field test" LSAC gave earlier this year? I did.

Joe Blow:
I had no problem with the June 2003 LSAT. I thought the logical reasoning was quite easy. I finished each LR section roughly five minutes b/f time was called and was able to check my answers. The Reading Comp. was a bit more difficult than expected, but not impossible. The Analytical Reasoning sections was, to me, of medium difficulty. Three of the games were fairly easy, but the last one that pertained to the cities was difficult. With all things considered, the LSAT was much easier than I expected. But then again, I havent seen my score yet ... so I hope I am not jinxing myself.


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