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Hi. I took an LSAT diagnostic test from the Kaplan book, and scored well on all the sections but logic games. I'm thinking of a tutor just to beef this section up.

Specifically, I'm thinking of taking one of the Testmasters tutors. Question: should I spring for their course materials ($600!), with their "system" and all that, or should I just buy old LSATs and use them to study with the tutor? Are their tips and tricks and methodology worth the money?

The course materials also come with an "LSAT helpline" you can call during specified hours for help (though I bet it's probably a long wait...) and an online resource center.


Katie Davis:
I just completed the 2-month Testmasters course, and I have to say that Testmasters is an amazing company!  The books and teaching that you receive is unparalleled, and I would definitely spend the money!  My class was $1300 and worth every penny.  I just took the LSAT today, and I think the class really ensured that I would do well.  Trust me, it's worth it!


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