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UPDATED! Casebooks, study aids/supplements, hornbooks, flash cards, etc.4 sale


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I've got case books, hornbooks, outlines, study aids, supplements and flash cards for sale. Many are in like new or even new condition.
However, please note all casebooks have highlighting in. That's the only way I learn. If it doesn't bother you, then save up to half of what you would pay at the bookstore. As for the rest, the details of each is noted.
Message me if you are interested and we can set up a payment thru PayPal. As for shipping, it will depend on what and how much you buy. Let me know what you're interested in and then we'll figure out the shipping cost.  I usually try to ship USPS Priority Mail using the flat rate box, which is $8.95 for whatever I can fit into the box, regardless of weight.
Everything is listed by subject area. I'll post more soon as soon as this semester wraps up. If you're looking for something in particular, let me know. I probably have it.

CrunchTime: Evidence by Emanuel
   No highlighting - $20

Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress case book, by Goldberg, Sebok and Zipursky
   2004 edition w/ CD-ROM
   $116 New
   Asking $60
Emanuel Law Outlines: Torts - $15
   No highlighting
Understanding Torts
   No highlighting. - $15

Blond's Torts
   No highlighting - $10
Law in a Flash: Torts
   One pack is still in cellophane. Rest like new. - $25

Criminal Law:
Criminal Law: Cases and Materials by Saltzburg, Diamond, Kinports and Morawetz
   2nd Edition
   $115 new
   Asking $60
Emanuel Law Outlines: Criminal Law - $15
   No outlining
Finals Law School Exam Series: Criminal Law by Feinburg and Palmer - $10
   No highlighting

Civil Procedure:
Civil procedure case book by Yeazell
   Sixth edition
   $115 new
   Asking $60
Legalines: Civil Procedure keyed to Yeazell (above casebook)
   No highlighting. Brand new. - $20
Casenote Legal Briefs: Civil Procedure keyed to Field, Kaplan, and Clermont (though case briefs work with any book)
   No highlighting - $15
Emanuel Law Outlines: Civil Procedure - $15
   Light highlighting

Finals Law School Exam Series: Civil Procedure by Feinburg and Palmer - $10
   No highlighting
Law in a Flash: Civil Procedure Part II
   I have two of these
      Copyright 2001:  Like new - $25
      Copyright 1999: $20
Law in a Flash: Civil Procedure Part I
   1998-99 edition: $20

Gilbert Law Summaries: Property by Dukeminier
   No outlining
   Asking $15
Finals Law School Exam Series: Property by Feinburg
   I have two of these for some reason
      One with light highlighting - $7
      One without highlighting - $10

Law in a Flash Real property: Like new. $20.

Law in a Flash Future Interests: (A must if you struggle with RAP) - LIke New - $20

Emanuel Law Outlines: Contracts - $15
   No highlighting
Blond's Contracts
   No highlighting - $10
Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts by  Chirelstein
   Light to moderate highlighting in sections - $7
Black Letter Series: Contracts by Calamari and Perillo- $5

Constitutional Law:
Constitutional Law by Chemerinsky - Case book - Retails for $142, asking $75

Understanding Constitutional Law (third edition)
   New! $25

Blond's Constitutional law
   No highlighting - $10
Understanding Law School
   New - $10
Eight Secrets to Top Exam Performance in Law School
   New - $5
Law School Confidential by Robert Miller. $5. Like new.