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Anybody Know Anything About U. Dayton Law School?


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Re: Anybody Know Anything About U. Dayton Law School?
« Reply #100 on: April 23, 2008, 07:33:22 AM »
I am hesitant to say which school I attend because I know some of my classmates could see this and I don't want to step on toes or make them feel bad. but, I attend a "respected" T4 with a loyal alumni base so our grads do find work. Not necessarily the highest paying jobs but not horrible either.

I will be transferring to a DC school. I have applied to GULC (deferred) and will apply to GW and American. I am applying to some other schools to but I want to be in DC.

If you are not in law school yet (which is what a gather from your post) I really recommend not attending school this year and retaking the LSAT. Honestly, transferring is extremely difficult and I would never count on it. It scares me to think I could have been stuck where I am. However, if you go to a school you like and do well enough to transfer, your school will probably offer a scholarship to keep you. I wasn't induced to stay but I have heard some of my classmates say they have been. You must make sure you do well if you want to transfer. That means you need to know everything taught in class and, more importantly, know how it applies to a fact pattern.

Good luck.


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Re: Anybody Know Anything About U. Dayton Law School?
« Reply #101 on: April 23, 2008, 08:16:31 AM »
GULC and GW are going to likely wait until you get your spring grades.  Rock those exams.  Top 10-15% is likely going to be required.


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Re: Anybody Know Anything About U. Dayton Law School?
« Reply #102 on: April 23, 2008, 11:09:30 AM »
another problem with the "top 100" cutoff or whatever:

you keep t1 and t2 schools, but eliminate all the t3s and t4s.  right now, the number of law schools is dictated by the market for a legal education, which is in turn dictated by the market for legal services.  what happens if you make the market for legal education less competitive by restricting the supply?  the cost of school itself skyrockets, as people who are capable and willing to go to school are given fewer alternatives.  the people at the margins who still greatly value that law degree, instead of going to a T3 or T4 with a scholarship and getting some consumer surplus, end up paying more to go to the top 100 schools.  this is overly simple, but supply and demand analysis tells you that you can't reduce one thing (the number of law schools) without drastically affecting another (the cost of attendance).

i guess this is great if you want to increase the "elitism" of the profession, but the best thing for society is to let the market dictate the number of schools and for the bar association and other governing bodies to make sure potential students understand the probable value and risk of their investment.

Re: Anybody Know Anything About U. Dayton Law School?
« Reply #103 on: April 23, 2008, 01:13:53 PM »
I didn't read all the posts, but I will say that UD is not a bad campus and its facilities are pretty good.  Also, I know that it may be harder to get a GREAT job right out of there, but I can honestly say that I work at a huge firm in Columbus for an attorney who graduated near the top at UD law.  She got this position after working here 2L summer.  She is now one of the senior-most partners amongst the other partners who are from other region schools and T14 schools like Harvard.  She told me that if you go to a even a small, lower ranked school like UD and do well you'll be fine.  It will also be more helpful if you can participate in numerous student activities there too...

All that being said, it will be tougher to get a fantastic position right out of school and I can't speak for the market outside of the OH-IN-PA-KY area...however make the most of whatever situation presents itself and things can work out well.   ;D