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FYI from a 3L

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« Reply #10 on: February 25, 2009, 10:08:39 AM »
I'm a 2L at U of L. It's not that bad. The person who posted this is a damn moron.

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« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2009, 12:54:12 PM »
I'm not sure that one should blame the school here. The school is small and regional. The second best in a poor, relatively obscure state. Acting all offended that Kentucky doesn't furnish its institutions with the best equipment or the most generous budgets is almost comical, given that the entire state is designed to take money out of Louisville and distribute it to the rural political power centers around the state.

Certainly, it is an under-resourced institution in a poor state, hardly an auspicious combination of factors. However, this is something the original poster had to be cognizant of coming in, especially if you are from here in the first place. Louisville has stellar faculty (aside from the 2-3 who are simply waiting to die, anyway) and affords students as many opportunities as they can take advantage of themselves to excel professionally.

Look, the fact that you were on law review alone says tons. In my home state, the flagship law school has something like 1300 students. Your chances of getting that kind of experience at a school like that are nil, to say nothing of the care and concern faculty express for you at gigantic institutions like that, where your 3L courses can have over 100 students in them. Back home, there are 2-3 good law schools ranked above U of L, and 5-6 (depending on whether you count provisional accreditation) that are far below in both faculty, resources, and job prospects. None of them have faculty that are as concerned for students individually as the U of L faculty.

I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience, but with your position, one thinks you could have easily transferred out if you didn't get what you wanted out of it. It strikes me as profoundly bitter to be casting dispersions in such a manner, particularly when you have a job lined up and you are, apparently, set up just fine; the only relevant marker of a law school, as far as I am concerned, is your employablity upon graduation. As far as employment goes, I'm set up just fine myself, with 3 semesters left, and I am no where near the top 10-20%, nor has anyone ever asked me my GPA because my experience is way more important and meaningful to the kinds of employers with whom I am interviewing. Like most things in life, it really isn't as much about the school as what you do with it. If you sit around waiting for things to be handed to you, it simply isn't going to happen. 

To say the teachers don't care only shows that the student didn't take the time to develop relationships or that the goals she set are wildly out of all reason / proportion to the resources the school possesses. I'm from out-of-state, I developed close personal and professional relationships with 3 or 4 professors and several deans. Louisville gave me the opportunity to take advantage of some amazing opportunities for growth, like being a meaningful, contributing member of the legal community and the school itself. I've gotten experience here I never could have obtained back home. 

I suspect the person who posted that last year was a member of a group of students who spent 99% of their time there starting rumors about the dean leaving, or U of L dropping out of the top 100, or undermining student's sense of stability in other ways, for what I can only imagine were deeply seated personal problems, perhaps related to the inability to gain admission to UK or something. Frankly, since they left, rumors of imminent doom have ceased and students seem to feel much better about the school experience. The new Career Services Dean is amazing and caring, and the school continues to provide ample opportunity for intellectual and professional development, adding clinical options and enhancing real-world experience. Despite the expense I have incurred as an out of state student, I think the School has done much to allow me to develop as a legal professional and has encouraged me at every turn. It is certainly going in the right direction. Certainly, I wish it were cheaper, but it has been an edifying, rewarding experience for me.

Anyone who finds otherwise has only themselves to blame for not doing something about it. Blaming the school for personal decisions is absurd. If you are going to Law School to make tons of money, you are already coming in with the wrong idea. Law is stable, but if you want to be a millionaire, go get an MBA at Harvard. (or perhaps you couldn't do this because of grades/test scores?)

I further question the intellectual facility of someone who, upon graduation, decides to publicly undermine the school. This seems to me little different than a principle shareholder publicly questioning the value of the stock she owns. It only serves to degrade the value of the degree of qualified applicants turn elsewhere. I think that, combined with the vehemence of the assault, indicate other, unspoken, issues that the poster clearly has with her experience that probably have little to do with anything the school did or did not do for or to her. If you want to improve the school, and the value of your diploma, go make some money and donate it to endowing a new chair or refurnishing the student kitchen downstairs or something useful, in stead of just whining. Better yet, run for office and fund the school adequately. And buy a mirror. 

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« Reply #12 on: January 28, 2010, 07:31:29 PM »
Articulate, persuasive, but I can't help thinking - god, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

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« Reply #13 on: September 12, 2010, 10:41:43 AM »
Articulate, persuasive, but I can't help thinking - god, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

Yeah well, it was October and a Month before Finals. Incidentally that was my best semester of Law School, grade wise.

Also, I type fast.

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Short Rebuttal: If you can name the price on the most recent Maserati model (like the poster), Louisville might leave you wanting more. If you want a solid legal education in a community with a strong legal tradition and ample opportunities for enrichment in and out of school, and you have the sorts of metrics that make Louisville a realistic option, it is a great opportunity at a fraction of the costs (in tuition and living expenses) of a place like University of Miami or other comparable private school.

I've defended this school, my school, because I think your priorities for law practice are completely out of wack. Anyone who quotes exotic car prices like that has exactly the wrong barometer, as far as I am concerned, for a career in a profession that is often about more than just making bank. Like Doctors who go to med school simply to earn money and care nothing about helping the sick and ill, Lawyers who care more about how much money they earn per year than about the people's lives that are often at stake (whether it be by screwing them out of money or by putting them behind bars) are a scourge upon the profession and the world. I went to Louisville precisely because it prioritizes the public service component of law school, because the man whom it was named after cared about it, because it was one of the first schools to institute a public service component to the curriculum. People who care only about making money might not be happy about the outcome of their legal education at Louisville. But unless they can get into a top 10 law school, my guess is that they will be dissatisfied no matter where they go. The real opportunities for making absurd money as a 26 year old attorney (who in my opinion shouldn't be left alone in a room alone with a client, let alone allowed to go to court unaided), simply because you know your Blue Book backwards and forwards and managed to get great grades in exam settings are limited at best. Blaming the law school for this reality is stupid. It's your priorities, not the school, that made you so upset by your experience. 


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Re: FYI from a 3L
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2010, 02:25:11 PM »
Wow the op sounds like a spoiled brat. This school got me a good job and I passed the bar, but they are terrible. The professors did not shower me with attention and tell me how great I was every two seconds. What do you want from your professors? Should they praise you for breathing, and tell you how great and amazing you are every two seconds? There are hundreds of students in any law school and in any type of education, and no matter what school you go to you are not SPECIAL. You are a number and it is up to you to learn what you can from the professors, and with the degree from an ABA school you can sit for the bar and become a lawyer. There are idiots at any school and there are idiots in the working world. Basically there are idiots everywhere and unless you have been living in a bubble for your entire life I am surprised you have not realized that. It sounds like Louisville did an excellent job for you yet you bi**h about it. I imagine you were the girl/guy that on your 16th birthday cried that Daddy only bought you a Porsche instead of a Ferrari.