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How To Ask To Start Summer Job One Week Later Than Initially Agreed Upon

I got a legal internship at the Federal Public Defender's Office.

My last final is on May 14th, I agreed to start the internship on May 18th.

I totally forgot about the Law Review write-on, which begins immediately after the last final.

I want to ask to start a week later in order to devote more time to the record.

How should I address this?  Phone?  E-Mail? 

Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance.


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Phone, and just explain it's for law review.  Everyone knows how important law review is.  Just call ASAP.


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Phone, explain what's going on.  The only reason it may not be ok is if there's some sort of orientation for all of their summers; if that's the case do orientation but then work in a long weekend or something soon thereafter.  Shouldn't be a big deal.

Thanks a lot, fellas.  I called a little while ago, but got the answering machine and chose not to leave a message.

There are only 2 or 3 interns, so I doubt there's any sort of orientation.

I'll call the gentleman I interviewed with first thing tomorrow morning.  I imagine he'll understand.  He went to law school too.