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Any SU UB or Albany law grads?

Any SU UB or Albany law grads?
« on: March 30, 2008, 08:16:34 PM »
Hello all,

I am wondering if there are any recent Syracuse U, U of Buffalo, or Albany Law grads in this community that might help me get some information.
I am finishing undergrad work in accounting at SunyIT. My original plan was to get an MS in accountancy with an MBA (they overlap substantially, takes only 3-4 extra courses to end up with both), a CPA license and pursue my career.Through my education, I have discovered that there are three things I enjoy: dealing with complex problems, teaching, and law.
I am tied geographically to central New York, anywhere along I-90 is fair game (Buffalo to Albany). I believe, from the GPA / LSAT information that I have found, that I can gain admission to any of the three programs. Obviously, pursuing a law degree/license will be a tremendous committment of time, energy, and money.
While enjoying my next 30-35 years of work life truly is one of my biggest goals, and I believe I will thoroughly enjoy law school and a career in law thereafter, I am looking to gain information about the job market for recent grads of these 3 programs in the aformentioned cities/areas. I have researched this quite a bit myself, but I am finding widely varying reports. Its hard to believe numbers that law schools publish (they are going to be bias at best). If the market is such that a $65-$75,000 salary after a year or so is an unreasonable expectation, then I will probably opt out and go forth with my CPA MS MBA.
Any and all information, and opinions, would be very interesting to me.