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2009 USnews Rankings

Re: 2009 USnews Rankings
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man, i just have to opine...
i agree that some t-4's should not exist.  however, i support this argument by not attending one.  now, im no elitist, just a money-saving student attending a third tier "toilet" as so many like to claim.  my school is great- highest bar passage rate (96%) in the state, beating out three top 75 schools in the same state.  you do the math.  so far in my first year we haven't studied for the bar- we've studied law, and when u take that approach, studying for the bar becomes easier.  I say to each his own but the ABA would do some justice by requiring some type of bar-passage requirement.  Again, its up to the individual deciding what they want to do.  I was contemplating transferring to a top 100 school (usc) but not sure if its worth the move.  I'm doing well where i am and its an excellent place to study and learn and (hopefully) pass the bar! 

Re: 2009 USnews Rankings
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Do you go to Chapman?