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« Reply #40 on: June 03, 2008, 03:24:14 PM »
I just got my letter from the University heights housing complex saying I got a room for next year . I figured ill just go with that for one year because it will be close to school and less of a hassell then having to hunt everywhere for an apt . Is anyone else staying there next year ?

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« Reply #41 on: July 03, 2008, 01:29:23 PM »
Got my apt!!! :) I'm moving in August 1st. I'm located on Madison Avenue- the brownstone apt's. Did you all find your apt's? I saw some really horrible places.

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« Reply #42 on: July 28, 2008, 12:22:18 PM »
Got my apt!!! :) I'm moving in August 1st. I'm located on Madison Avenue- the brownstone apt's. Did you all find your apt's? I saw some really horrible places.

Hey, I just finished 1L at ALS.   congrats on your apt, I lived in a brownstone on Madison during my first year as well.  I walked to school most of the time, you'll like it.

I read the past posts and for what it's worth, I think that the advice you've gotten thusfar is dead on.  Albany is, and will probably always be, a solid regional school with good NYS contacts.  And yes, be high in your class rank for NYC opportunities.  This is also true for SUNY Buffalo, Syracuse, Pace, etc...  The Dean's goal, I think, is to get so many out-of-state students enrolled that over time it will increase the school's reputation nationally and raise our rankings.  That's one factor, anyway.  But remember, anything out of the top 40 schools and you're basically regional and parochial, save excellent grades (which, on a curve, are not as easy to get as they were in undergrad).

Also, try to get into work-study second semester if you can.  With COL, you're gonna be looking at over 160K in debt, minus any scholarship that you may already have.  I wouldn't bank on a transfer; they're harder to get than you think.  One student in my class is moving over to Villanova, but it's because he's from there and wants to work in PA.  Another is considering St. John's purely becuase it's closer to Long Island, which again, is where he's from and wants to work.  See what I mean about regional?

As for the 1L profs, Lytton is amazing for Torts but his exam is very tough.  Moore is great all-around, and Brescia is excellent for Property.  Lawyering will be a crapshoot, but I had Mann and she was fine.  Contracts, you should go for Deutsch; he's socratic and scary but it will force you to be prepared.  For Con Law, I was very lucky to have Clark; he's brilliant, but be warned, his exam is open book, which means that it's actually tougher to get all the info in becuase he expects you to know exactly where to flip to.  Closed book exams are more forgiving, IMO.

Hope this helps, and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Albany Law School Class of 2010

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« Reply #43 on: July 31, 2008, 12:39:26 AM »
Hey iamprov ,

Thanks for that info...that is really helpfull !!! I have 2 questions that I think alot of people will probably also have ;  Did you use the exam soft software at all , and do you think its even worth getting ?

How are the job prospects ? ....Did you have a tough time finding summer work etc

Thanks Again !!

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« Reply #44 on: August 14, 2008, 08:10:53 AM »

Taking exams on a laptop is a personal preference.  I know people at the top of my class who hand write and those who take the exams on their laptop.  For me, the way I structure an answer, it is much easier to use a laptop. To take an exam on your laptop you have to have examsoft which you download about halfway through the semester.  The school will send out instructions.  Also, you have to fill out a form with the registrar or on webadvisor (I can't remember which) to take your exam through examsoft.  I recommend you do this because you can always choose to hand write but you can't choose to use a laptop if you don't sign up.

Job prospects are what you make of it, it will be hard to get Big Law even if you are in the top 10% but its not impossible.  If you want to stay in Albany and work for the gov't you are set.

Good luck!

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Albany09 ,

Thanks for the info . How hard is it to find government work ( e.g. DAs office , county / city agencies etc ....) in regions other then Albany ? Im from Long Island  so I would eventually like to move back to the island or NYC


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« Reply #46 on: February 06, 2009, 02:38:16 PM »
I like Albany and my time spent there very much; however, to answer the LI-er's question about how it places downstate in places such as the Island, be warned: the difference between placement in the Capital District and elsewhere is NIGHT AND DAY!!!!!!

Employers are MUCH more familiar with Albany Law in the Albany area and upstate in general than downstate.  Also, the competition is much stiffer, with 8 law schools in NYC, two in North Jersey, Yale in Connecticut, two in Long Island, and one in Westchester, in downstate NY.  Albany Law is the only law school in the Albany area, so we only compete with ourselves.

As for my own story, I searched exclusively downstate my 3L year and had no luck whatsoever.  I sent out minimal resumes to Albany-area employers, and obtained two offers very easily.  However, I got cold feet about moving to Albany (I'm from Westchester) and declined them both at the last minute.  I started working for a small firm December after my 3L year (downstate)

If you want to go back to LI, remember that employers there will gladly take just about any Brooklyn Law, St. John's, Hofstra, and maybe even Touro grad before looking at you (unless you are toward the top of your class).  My geographic ties to Westchester meant squat when applying for jobs in the Westchester area, and I imagine LI employers will think the same.

I know people at the top of the class who have no job because they are only interested in working downstate.

I know people who graduated toward the bottom of the class who have good jobs in Albany and the surrounding area.

I would've gone to St. John's if I had to do it over again.  If you like LI I would've recommended the same.

Good luck!