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Haha....what is that paper on anyway ?

So what kinds of jobs have you done over the summer ? What does the on campus recruiting look like...just trying to get a picture of the agencies , firms , etc that really recruit at the school . there any chance of getting any scholarship money out of the school if you do well in your 1l year ?

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Um, the paper is for advanced con law and I think it will be on polygamy and the free exercise clause but I'm not 100% sure on that.  My prof decided to change it from an exam class to a paper class 3/4 of the way through the semester so I haven't really done much work on it.

I work for a state agency during the school year.  Last summer I took classes in Kenya.  Didn't really learn much useful but went on a lot of safaris.  This summer my husband and I  (we're both students at Albany law) are both working down in NYC this summer.  OCI isn't the greatest, and I focused mostly on big law but they are trying to make it better.  If you're in the top quarter of the class I think career services does a lot for you but if you're not you probably have to hustle more.  They do posts tons and tons of gov't job opportunities on their website though.

Also you can always do a clinic or externiship with any number of agencies, everyone I know who has done that loves it.

Scholarships suck if you don't have one already.  #1 in the class gets a full ride, #2 & #3 get I think 20 and 15k respectively.  After that you won't get any scholarship money.  Although if you are in the top 20 in class and get an A in civ pro then you can get a stipend fall of your 2L year.

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I'm finishing up 1L year. It's a fair school -- as someone said, you get out of it what you put into it. I've really liked most of my professors. I'm not from here (until last summer), but it seems to me, in terms of finding a place to live, that streets can fluctuate from really nice to kinda scary from block-to-block. There's a lot of variation, so be a little careful if apartment-searching from afar. Opportunities from here are sufficient, depending upon where you want to be. Obviously if you plan on living in Albany, you're in good shape; ditto with working in state gov. If your goal is NYC, it seems to me you really need to be toward the top of your class (as expected).

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Im not from Albany either but when I went to visit I def got the vibe that the neighborhoods could change on you in an instant too . Im trying to be really mindful of that after some shady experiences as an undergrad in Boston .

Albany , Serenity....what do you guys think about the workload ? Do you feel overwhelmed ?

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As a 1L I thought some nights were difficult in terms of the amount of reading, but it's not as ridiculous as you've probably heard. It gets a little more in that direction during exams, but as long as you're on top of things you'll survive.

But I'm only first year. The other person's answer might be more useful. The mantra, if you haven't heard, is "scare you to death, work you to death, bore you to death." From what I understand 2L is a busier year if you're doing things right (more opportunities, such as journals, intern/externships, jobs continuing from the summer, etc.).

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I really was never overwhelmed by the work unless I decided to take a weekend of or something.  I'm pretty involved in extracurriculars, am on law review, was a TA and had a job and still had a lot of time to myself.
1L is a little scarier but as long as you stay on top of it you will be fine.  Just don't let lawyering take all your time it is only worth 2 hours.  Focus on your 4 hour courses.

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One question I have is what were finances like your first year?  I've been working for a few  years since college, have some money saved up, but I am a little paranoid about life without a job.

I'm fully prepared to live on a budget (have been doing it for years anyway), but do loans help cover most expenses or do I need a significant nest egg to survive?

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If you take out the maximum in loans you will be fine, we moved out here without much in savings and haven't had too much of a problem.
Plus there are some really great work-study jobs for some extra cash, a lot of them you can study while you're making money.
Albany is a pretty cheap place to live.

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Are you allowed to do work study as a 1L ?

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On the website it says you cannot do work study your first semester, but if you have a certain gpa (2.5 I think) then you can work 10 hours in the second semester.