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Jolie - Thanks for all the info !! In def more of a city person myself so ill look into what you said . As for a car , going to bring mine regardless..Ive lived in boston and nyc....if I can find parking there I can find it in Albany haha

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I am attending Albany this Fall.  I guess there are 3 of us here now.

I am somewhat familiar with the area and intend on traveling there frequently before the move in August, so I will attempt to help out as much as I can. 

I will be checking this board frequently now that I know there is some sign of life on it.

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Whats going on Robax.....its good to see there are few people on here now !! I still havent really looked into a place for the fall yet , but i was thinking about living in the university heights housing for my 1 st year. Have you heard anything good , bad or otherwise about it ?

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I'm a 2L (well I'm almost a 3L if I could just get this damn paper finished at Albany Law.
I definitely recommend living around the park if you can.  My husband and I live out in Colonie, it's a 20 minute drive to school every day which kind of sucks.
I know several people who get along just fine without a car.  But I do here a lot of complaints about parking especially when it snows.  Students are always getting their cars towed. 
The Dorms are suppose to be okay but they are dorms, you can get a much better deal finding a place around campus.
I think Albany is a good school but you get out of it what you put into it.
I'd be happy to answer more specific questions if you have them!

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Hey Albany09 ,

Thanks for posting ...its def good to have a current student on here ! Ive heard good things about living near the park from a few people . Im gonna have to check it out in the next month or so and make a decision .

How do you like the school.......How competitive are the students ? How are the summer and post grad job prospects ?

Good luck with that paper btw !

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I think the competitiveness is entirely based on the class. My class is really supportive and laid back and not that competitive. The 1L's are a lot more competitive, but they also get a lot more accomplished for our school.  They are always planning events and raising money, where my class just doesn't care that much.
The job prospects are great in Albany but if you want to get down to NYC Big Law you really have to be in the top 10% and even that's not guaranteed; you should probably be in the top 5%.
Overall, I really do like the school. 

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Hey ,

Im not really looking to land a Biglaw job , im really trying to get into government . Albany seemed like a logical choice for that.....good to here the job prospects are strong though . Thanks for the insight !!!


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A friend of mine who is currently an Albany Law student has a very nice two bedroom apartment which is within walking distance from the state government and about a mile and a half from the school. 

He has said that parking during the Winter can be hectic, and that you end up playing musical cars so the plows can get through or paying to keep your car in a lot once in a while.

All I've heard about the dorm style rooms is that they are more expensive than living off campus.  I honestly don't know what the price difference is.

He also said that he found his apartment a few weeks before orientation because he was wait listed.

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If you want to get into state gov't Albany is a great choice and you will have a TON of opportunities regardless of class rank.
Feel free to ask more questions; I really don't want to work on my paper. :)