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Pauly,  even though I'm still waiting to hear from a number of schools it looks like I'm probably going to end up at Albany (at least for a year).  I will likely be going up to Albany sometime in May and they're having a reception here in DC on the 18th of May for accepted students so if I learn anything either place I'll let you know!

Jolie -  Thanks for the heads up ! I went to visit for a day , but I didnt really get a good feel for the area . Ill be heading up soon to look for places and ill def take your advice and stay away from that whole SUNY / Crossgates mall area . Have you heard anything good or bad about some of the surrounding areas like Cohoes or Colonie ? is the parking situation in Albany in general ??

Kippy - If you decide to go for sure PM me . It would be nice to know someone before school starts ..and it might work out to have a study partner from day 1 . Thanks again

That's the thing - it's not the area around campus to avoid.  That area's fine, if a little boring and suburban for my taste.  There are neighborhoods downtown where the students tend to live that are just plain gross, but it's tough to describe them to someone not familiar with the area. 

Me personally, I would def. live in downtown Albany rather than in the surrounding 'burbs.  It's much closer to school and Albany is an amazing little city.  But I'm not really a 'burbs kind of gal.  Cohoes is crazy far, particularly with so much good real estate closer to campus.  Colonie isn't bad - that's where the main SUNY campus is technically located.  The closest suburb besides Colonie is probably Delmar, which is also not bad.  Or Rensselaer.  But again, I'd stay within the city limits. 

Parking in Albany is pretty easy - near the capitol and in the business district it's all metered, but most of the rest of the city has free street parking.  Just pay attention to the signage (occasional trick alternate-side stuff) and you'll be fine.  Plus many places have off-street parking. 

Jolie, is it possible to survive in Albany without a car?  I've been spoiled by public transportation in DC and am now facing the possibility of venturing out into a world that uses cars without one of my own.

I always had a car in Albany, but it's not totally necessary.  It's a very bikeable city (apart from the snow, anyway) and there's a  good bus system.  Several of my college friends lived off-campus without cars, and several friends who still live there commute to work downtown by bus. 

That said, it's not the best public transportation in the world - certainly not by D.C. standards. 


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