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Albany09 ,

Thanks for the info . How hard is it to find government work ( e.g. DAs office , county / city agencies etc ....) in regions other then Albany ? Im from Long Island  so I would eventually like to move back to the island or NYC


I like Albany and my time spent there very much; however, to answer the LI-er's question about how it places downstate in places such as the Island, be warned: the difference between placement in the Capital District and elsewhere is NIGHT AND DAY!!!!!!

Employers are MUCH more familiar with Albany Law in the Albany area and upstate in general than downstate.  Also, the competition is much stiffer, with 8 law schools in NYC, two in North Jersey, Yale in Connecticut, two in Long Island, and one in Westchester, in downstate NY.  Albany Law is the only law school in the Albany area, so we only compete with ourselves.

As for my own story, I searched exclusively downstate my 3L year and had no luck whatsoever.  I sent out minimal resumes to Albany-area employers, and obtained two offers very easily.  However, I got cold feet about moving to Albany (I'm from Westchester) and declined them both at the last minute.  I started working for a small firm December after my 3L year (downstate)

If you want to go back to LI, remember that employers there will gladly take just about any Brooklyn Law, St. John's, Hofstra, and maybe even Touro grad before looking at you (unless you are toward the top of your class).  My geographic ties to Westchester meant squat when applying for jobs in the Westchester area, and I imagine LI employers will think the same.

I know people at the top of the class who have no job because they are only interested in working downstate.

I know people who graduated toward the bottom of the class who have good jobs in Albany and the surrounding area.

I would've gone to St. John's if I had to do it over again.  If you like LI I would've recommended the same.

Good luck!


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