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Is anyone going to or considering going to Albany in the fall ?? It would be cool to know a few people , or even get ideas on some good places to live up there

54 views and no one has anything to add ?

Throw me a fricken bone here...I need the info

I'm considering Albany for this fall.  I've never been up there so I can't help you in that regard but good luck with your search!

Its all good Kippy ...Thanks for the reply .

After 1100 views I get a reply....ill take that as progress haha . I visited the school and I liked it alot , im just trying to figure out what areas are affordable , somewhat close to school , and close to things to do .

If anyone is going next year or has any suggestions let me know

I lived in Albany for 8 years (college and then some).  Anything near Washington Park or Lark Street/Center Square is going to be close to the law school and close to the downtown action.  When I was there, Albany was really affordable, so those areas weren't bad even though they tend to be the trendier parts of town.  I moved 8 years ago, tho (eek!) so can't say whether that's still the case. 

I would visit if at all possible, because it's very hard to get a sense for Albany's different neighborhoods from afar.  You want to steer clear of the SUNY student ghettos (they're awful; I wouldn't even live there as an undergrad) but it'll be tough to figure that out with out some sense for the city. 


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