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What have you done for me ever?

Re: What have you done for me ever?
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You caught me.
I'm an internet toughguy.
OR, the truth is that no one and no thing can dictate who you are.  You are responsible for who you are.  Forever.
Otherwise, you are simply making excuses.
Why fight the notion of personal responsibility?  Perhaps because you don't take responsibility for your actions?
It's cool.
I can deal.
It's very clear that the youth of today, more than ever before, seek to blame everyone but themselves for their problems.
That's a wonderful way to live.
Best of luck to you!
has law school made you a better person?    I would have to say I'm a much worse person now than I was a year ago at this time.  Law school has turned me back into someone I decided, four years ago, I didn't want to be anymore.  all for what?  nothing.  thank you for the memories law school. 

Law school is no more influential on the type of person you are than any other life experience.
Like all things, most of the blame you lay on law school is likely your own doing and attributable to you and you alone.  Law school can't "make" you a bad person.  To believe so is foolish.
All law school can "make" you is a law school graduate or a law school drop out.  That's it.  You were who you were before law school and due to decisions you've made of your own free will, you are who you are.  Blaming law school for making you a 'much worse person' makes as much sense as a fat guy blaming snickers bars for making him a fatty.
YOU always, from birth until death, have an opportunity to be the person you wish to be.  If you find some discipline, you can become whomever you wish to be.
Stop laying blame on law school.  It didn't change you.  YOU changed you.  Don't like who you've become?  Become someone else and quit whining.
My advice?  Do some reading on what it means to be accountable.  Folks with your attitude rarely know how to define that word, much less understand how it is supposed to relate to them.
Here's a start - instead of blaming law school for making you a prick, why not explore why you allowed anything, anyone, and anywhere to dictate the type of person you are?
And riddle me this:
If you can't stand up for yourself, recognize a problem, and have the discipline to correct problematic attitudes, how exactly do you intend to be a lawyer?
It amazes me the number of folks who want to be a lawyer sometimes...
The people who don't know who they are, can't advocate for themselves or anyone else, and feel pointing fingers and refusing to accept their own part in their problems is a good way to be crack me up.
Please don't go into criminal defense.  I'd much prefer you became a states attorney who loses all their cases.
That is all.

This is an example of an internet tough guy or, as they currently term them, a "cyber bully."  oooo, i'm scared; you are so right about everything you posted.  and you are so tough.  and smart.  now heel and calm down.  kthanksbye.

Re: What have you done for me ever?
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my 2 cents.

Lawschool is challenging. It pits you against other classmates directly and rewards you on doing better than other as opposed to direct knowledge of material.

That doesn't mean it defines who you are.  getting graded against other people is a good indicator of how you will do in an adversary job system.

Other than that, what's so bad about law school after the first year?  Once you understand that you put all the pressure on yourself and the shock and awfulness of the first year is over, law school can actually be pretty enjoyable.

To answer the main question of the thread:

Law school has helped me feel like my thoughts and plans are more organized and it has given me confidence to speak out more than I used to.

Re: What have you done for me ever?
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Although I didn't go to LS to become a better person (went for an education - can you believe that?), it has unquestionably made me a "better person."  Just an added perk, I guess.

I sit in the best position to judge myself, as I am always accurate, fair, and gracious.  And my analysis concludes that I rock out, because:

1. I am always in a good mood.
2. I help people.
3. I am easy on the eyes.
4. My wiener has grown since starting LS (which goes back to #2 and #3).
5. I put others before myself.


6. I never reply to stoopid questions with sarcasm.