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Anyone considering or decided on the Univ of Tulsa?

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I will be attending the Univ of Tulsa this fall and just looking for my future classmates.

Count me in.  Will be heading to Tulsa in the fall.

I went to Pre-law day this past saturday and was impressed by the school.  I did however talk to some students I ran into touring the library and halls that weren't wearing name tags, ie: not ambassadors or cheerleaders to get some unbiased info on the school.  Each and every one of them confirmed to me the rumors I had heard of the harsh grading scale and reluctance to give out high marks.  They all said that this is due to keeping people from transferring to other schools and other reasons like people not qualifying for their scholarships and thus having to pay full tuition.

I did like what I heard regarding OCI's and summer internships from nearly every student I talked to, sounds like there might actually be opportunities for those other than the Law Review people.   In all I talked to approximately 15 students that WERE NOT part of pre-law day and feel that I got a reasonable feel for the school in addition to the pre-law Kool-Aid drinkers...

Aren't harsh grading curves the norm at the lower ranked schools though?  It seems to me that grades are relative and class rank is much, much more important.

The scholarship stuff could be true, I don't know how many scholarship renewals are based on class rank v. GPA.

I am so happy to see at least one and possibly two future classmates on LSD!  I live in Tulsa (well, actually a suburb of Tulsa) so if you have any questions about the area just let me know.

Happy - I'm impressed with how much investigation you did at Pre-law Day.  Did the students that you talked with seem happy to be there, despite the harsh grading curve?  I already knew about the harsh grading curve so I'm prepared for that.  As Gambooler says, its really more important where you fall in the ranking since its a grading curve.  If you find the TU policy handbook on their website the grading curve is in there.  If I recall correctly it seems like the top 25-35% make above a 3.0 so anyone with a scholarship has to be in the top 25-25% of the class in order to keep their scholarship.

Gambooler - I look forward to meeting you and hopefully sharing classes with you.  What's your story?  I mean, are you coming straight from UG?  Or a non-traditional?  Just looking to get to know my classmates.  :)


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