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« on: February 27, 2008, 03:51:30 PM »
I am looking to relocate, but just recently graduated and only have a few months experience.  i currently work for a firm, but as a staff attorney, not an associate.  i contacted one of these companies that is pretty much guaranteeing that they can get me a job, because i graduated from a high-ranked school.  But their service is expensive ($500+).

Is anyone familiar with these services that charge a fee for firm contacts?  Are they effective/worth the money?  Any advice is appreciated, but i hope to hear from someone who has actually used one of the companies.

Thanks! :)

« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2008, 05:04:14 PM »
I have used, and it worked well for me, thankfully I received an nice offer and I will start working next month thanks to using the service.  I a recently graduated myself and with very little experience.  I know about legal authority but they are much more expensive, they had some kind of membership fee of $200.  Lawfirmconnect didnt, I ended up spending roughtly about $300 to send out 150 firms, so the money was worth my while.

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what type of offer did you receive?  is it in a major city?  how many call backs/offers did you receive from using this service?

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I am a recent graduate and am waiting for my bar exam results.  I understand one's marketability is limited during this period in terms of finding suitable legal employment. I would like to try the legal services that allow you to contact law firms in mass mailing form.  I am skeptical about these though.  I am wondering how many of you found jobs during the time before you received your bar results?  What was your strategy and what advice can you give me?  I understand that this economy is really bad but I am willing to try almost anything, including relocating and sitting for the bar in another state if a firm makes me a good offer and is flexible with study time.

Also can one apply for and accept associateships or staff attorney positions while you cannot legally practice law because your bar results are still pending?