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The increase is horrible but I have been going over this in my head all day and I still think I am going to go to Austin.  I just can't picture my husband and I being happy in DC.  Does anyone who attend the school have any insights regarding life at the law school and in Austin more generally?  According to my research, it seems like a great place to live.

Austin is a pretty cool place to live.  But second hand accounts can never do a place justice.  Are you scheduled for the ASW?  You should have ample time to check out the city then and maybe assail any fears you have about the tuition.  It still hasn't been approved and I bet everyone at the ASW will be asking them if there will be more grants passed out if the tuition hike becomes official.

I will definitely be going out there for the end of March. I hope it doesn't go through but if it does, I am sure I will still end up there :). 

Count me in also, although once I make the seat deposit I will be a little more definitive.

I love the Austin area.  I've lived in the suburbs around here since April 1999 when I move here after undergrad.  It is the largest city I've lived in, so I prefer its smaller size compared to the other legal markets.  My wife is a native, so she loves it too.  If it lacks something you want, you can usually find it with a drive to San Antonio (1.5 hours), Dallas (3 hours), or Houston (3 hours).

Yes, the Dean is hoping to use some of the tuition increase for more scholarships and financial aid.  That's a whole other issue of who will get it (usually that means the really smart kids and the really poor ones).  But on average, I believe about 1/3rd of the tuition increase will be returned to somebody in the form of aid.


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