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Anyone else already know that they will be joining the class of 2011 at UT Austin?

I'm 90% there.

Just as a note while making your decision, UT is about to become more expensive.  I don't know how much cost factors into your opinion, but the Dean has proposed a $4K/year increase in tuition for year 2008-2009, and another $4K/year increase for 2009-2010.  The University system is adding on another $500-800 on top of that for each of those years.

It is all still proposals, and nothing is approved yet.  I'm passing this on as they just had a meeting with current students who will be affected by this, and they said they haven't mentioned it to possible incoming students at all yet (as it is still just a proposal).

The Dean is still shooting for the school to be less expensive than its peers, but more like being 75% the price of other schools than being 50% the price of other schools.

I thought I read they were hoping to ease the burden of the increase for some of the students in the form of more grants.  Either way, as you mentioned, the school is still a great bargain and remains at the top of my list.

Thank you for the heads-up.  Cost is actually a huge reason why I had decided on UT Austin.  Do you know if such an increase would apply equally to resident and non-resident tuition?  I am an international student, thus, I would not be paying the resident tuition.


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