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« Reply #10 on: February 15, 2008, 02:20:46 PM »
Yeah I am hoping that I will be much better in person.  I've done practice interviews several times at school with local attorney's and everybody told me I interviewed really well.  The main problem I had with the SEC interview is (1) it is a phone interview with two interviewers which I found kind of awkward and (2) they only asked me about my securities experience and since I am straight from undergrad I did not have any.  Anyways, thanks for the advice and hopefully I will perform well in this next interview.

One more question.  When I was invited to come interview the lady just told me that she would call me a couple of days in advance with the all of the people I will be interviewing with.  She didn't provide any information about whether I would be reimbursed for hotel expenses or what not.  I asked several people and they said I should probably email to ask if they will reimburse my hotel expenses.  I recently did this and was wondering what your experience with this was and whether you think me emailing was a good idea.  Not that it makes much of a difference but staying in a hotel in Manhattan is not very cheap.  Thanks.

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Usually firms do not pay for 1Ls, but some do.  It's worth asking, especially in your situation. Emailing them should be fine. 

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Thanks for the reassurance.  I don't mind paying but it is quite expensive for a poor law student.  I'm glad another thought it was ok for me to email as well.

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yea, as long as you phrased it right (not sounding entitled at all), i think its fine.  I know its standard for nalp firms to reimburse for travel expenses, but this may just be for 2Ls.  I personally never interviewed more then a twenty minute walk from where I lived, so I couldnt say for sure how it works.  I dont think it ever hurts to ask the question though.

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yeah here is my exact email.  I think I came across nice at least I was trying to.

I am currently planning my trip to New York for March.  I had a few questions as this is my first out of town interview.  First, I was curious if there would be any reimbursement of hotel costs?  Second, I was wondering if there were any hotels that you could recommend that are convenient to [firms name] office?  Thanks in advance for your help and I apologize for all the questions.  I really enjoyed getting to talk to you this morning and am looking forward to the chance to meet you come March.  Thanks again.

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In the future, I'd try to write to all employees with a firm in a more formal tone using correct grammar.  It is a professional communication, and you are applying for a job so be sure to proofread and exhibit strong writing skills.  However, you certainly don't sound rude or demanding, so I wouldn't stress out about it.