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I go here

I go here
« on: February 12, 2008, 04:39:00 PM »
In case anyone ever has any questions :)

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I'm an incoming IL. I've lived in Chicago all my life. How do you like the law school and Cincinnati?

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« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2008, 05:01:55 PM »
UC law is great - people aren't overly competative or mean/nasty.  It's small, and everyone is friendly.  Also, the school isn't out to fail out a certain number of ppl - there have been a couple drop-outs, but nobody fails out.  B curve for 1L's, B+ curve for upper levels.  Good professors, overall.  Very helpful and interested career development people.  Larger number of ppl selected for law review than is typical.  Good moot court.  "Student court" available for 1L's - great experience! 

I really like Cincinnati, but I've lived in the area my whole life.  I've been to Chicago, though - kind of similar, but probably smaller city.  UC is in a city area, but not downtown - it has a campus-feel (I think).  Law students tend to stay kind of segregated from the rest of campus, but I went to undergrad here, so I like to branch out (for food, studying, etc.)

School is known for human rights and public interest stuff, but that's not all that everyone is doing here.

Good luck and welcome :)

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Thanks for the response :D

I went to visit during the Open House and, you're right, it is similar to Chicago, only smaller in scale. One thing I noticed during my short visit was that I didn't see very many  students of color. We walked through campus from the law building to get to the lunch venue and I didn't see very many minorities. I'm Asian and comfortable with living in the city and this shouldn't really matter, but I'm just curious how the law school is. How is the demographics of the law school?

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As far as minorities go, there aren't very many black law students at UC - I doubt it's due to them not being accepted, but just who chooses to go here.  There is actually a lot of diversity on campus - many different races and nationalities (international students included) are represented!

I don't know exact numbers, though!