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Looking for Cornell IL casebooks and supplements

Looking for Cornell IL casebooks and supplements
« on: February 09, 2008, 05:07:39 AM »
I'm in search for ALL IL casebooks and supplements used at Cornell.  If you are a 2L/3L at Cornell and have the books from IL, please email me asap.  I am looking for the most recent editions. Here are the titles:

1. Civil Procedure - "Civil Procedure Materials" by Field, Kaplan, Clermont (9th edition); "Federal Rules of Proceudre."

2. Contracts - "Contracts and Related Obligations" by Summmers (most recent edition); "Principles of Contract Law" by Hillman

3. Property - "Property" by Duke Minier

4. Torts - "Torts Process" by Henderson or Epstein

5. Legal Research - "Basic Legal Research" by Sloan; "Legal Reasoning" by Nedzel; "Lessons in Clarity and Grace" by Williams; "Legal Writing" by Edwards.

6. Constitutional Law - "Constitutional Law" by Sullivan or Stone

7. Criminal Law - "Criminal Law" by Kaplan or Dressler; "Understanding Criminal Law" by Dressler.