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I feel you; I had the same issue last semester. To write my memos I used the Lawyer's Craft - it was decently helpful and had sample memos in the back. Also, once you get an assignment back go and talk to your professor. Ask her/him to explain what you did wrong. Hope this helps!


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This one is pretty good.  Chapters 7-10 particularly for drafting.  However, some legal writing profs want you to conform particularly to their format.  Your question might be best asked of the professor.

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hopefully your prof isnt like mine.  she assigns, then gives us a plethora of "examples" and when we pick and choose the template we want, she says its not what she assigned.  then hwen you confront her, she says "i changed my mind".

i am not lying.

She specifically told us to do something one way, so i did it, and she marked off for it because between the time she told us and the time she graded, she CHANGED HER MIND!