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Spread The Word Before Tuesday

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Run, Forrest, Run!

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"No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States."

Art. II, Sec. 1, Paragraph 4, Qualifications for President.

The "age of thirty-five years" requirement is ridiculous!

Chelsea will be 35 in 2015

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Clinton Hints at Joint Democratic Ticket

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Chelsea will be 35 in 2015

Chelsea Clinton questioned over father's affair with Monica Lewinsky

Chelsea Clinton, campaigning for her mother Hillary at universities across the United States, has been forced for the first time to respond publicly to a question about her father Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky. She looked briefly taken aback before responding:"Wow, you're the first person actually that's ever asked me that question in the, I don't know maybe, 70 college campuses I've now been to, and I do not think that is any of your business," she said. Miss Clinton, an awkward 12-year-old when her father entered the White House in 1992, is now a poised woman of 28 who has taken a leave of absence from a New York hedge fund to help in her motherís battle to become the first female US president. She has largely operated under the radar, speaking frequently to the kind of young audiences that often favour Mrs Clintonís rival Barack Obama but never granting interviews and being protected by campaign aides who swoop on any reporter who has the temerity to attempt to ask a question. Events are usually arranged at short notice and only publicised locally. In some cases it is specified that only students are allowed to attend.

The limitations of this strategy became clear on Tuesday, however, when Miss Clinton was asked at Butler University in Indianapolis about the Lewinsky scandal and also her memories of a trip to Tuzla in Bosnia when she was 16. Mrs. Clinton had been forced to admit she had "misspoken" about coming under sniper fire as she, her daughter, the comedian Sinbad and the singer Sheryl Crow had landed. A student asked Miss Clinton whether she remembered any incoming fire."Well sir, I think that my mother's on record as having talked about this and I support what she said. I mean, I was there as well and I'm so honoured that I was there." It was the practised answer of a politician and Miss Clinton has won praise for her command of the detail of her mother's policy proposals and ability to field just about any query.

The Lewinsky question, however, appeared to be a tricky one for her. Mr. Clinton's sexual scandals have been all but off limits as a subject for discussion during the campaign. He had asked the question because his friends "always bring up that scandal" and "it's not something I asked to cause trouble but to show those people what makes Hillary so strong". It had been an opportunity for Miss Clinton to talk about her mother's strength, he said. "I can see where she'd get a little defensive because of the question and hearing Lewinsky over and over again, but I would like to hear her say something about Hillary rather than dismissing the question." John McCain, the Republican nominee for the presidency, has also enlisted the support of his daughter. But Meghan McCain, 23, steers clear of politics and instead fills her blogs with fashion and make-up tips and happily describes herself as "an airhead". After meeting Miss Clinton, Miss McCain noted that she had "really cute shoes". Blogging about a recent trip to the White House, she told her readers: "Before there are any peanut gallery comments, no it didn't feel like a 'home'. At home, I lounge around in sweatpants. We met Mrs Bush and Jenna who gave us a tour. "It is everything people say it is and more. Just truly, absolutely breathtaking. "However, I do think it's in need of some modern art. I was an art history major after all and love everything Andy Warhol has done - there should be one in the White House!"


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Rev. Wright, Rezko, His wife hates america.  They are both privileged and not much different than any other candidate in this race.  Give me a break with this change crap.  Barack Obama is like Tupac, strange name, sound really good, but are imposters. 

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in response to the experience issue...

It may not be a requirement, but ask yourself this: would you rather be defended by a Lawyer who just passed the bar and you're his first client or a defense lawyer who is well seasoned and done hundreds of cases just like yours?

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You're missing the point.  Experience is one of the factors.  What if the experienced lawyer was a hack and the new laywer had common sense and good judgment? 

Also, as I said, the job of President is so stressful and unique, one really can't say they have meaningful experience unless they've actually been president.

Looking at the candidates, Obama is best suited to beat McCain.  We cannot afford to have conservative justices appointed in place of Justice Ginsberg and Stevens, who will both be retiring soon.

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Well, gangsters and cops alike are neither black nor white; they represent the color of gray. A hidden identity between good and evil. The symbiotic relationship of hunter and hunted, embodied by men with guns pointed, arms at full extension, winding around each other in a distinctly homoerotic pas de deux.

It's called "relativity of evil." I mean, take for example the Mafia and the FBI duo. Documents show that officials at FBI headquarters, apparently including Hoover, knew as long ago as 1965 that Boston agents were employing killers and gang leaders as informers and were protecting them from prosecution. "J. Edgar Hoover crossed over the line and became a criminal himself," has said Vincent Garo, Joseph Salvati's lawyer, whose client spent 30 years in prison. "He allowed a witness to lie to put an innocent man in prison so he could protect one of his informants."

Well, government officials are there to serve the public, not to use the power they have to exploit the masses! It's really sad to see so much corruption even in a country like US!


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In response to txlawstu's post about the irrelevance of political dynasties to the framers, you couldn't be more wrong. I will only note a few points.

First, the age requirements to join Congress or become President were included as a check on dynastic tendencies, forcing people to prove themselves on their own merit (remember the mortality rate at the time before commenting on the requisite ages).

Second, there was much talk at the time concerning George Washington's lack of an heir and how he could be trusted because of that. Similarly, John Adams was criticized because of his sons because it was thought that he was trying to turn the U.S. into a monarchy. As you correctly note, John Quincy Adams was the 7th President, but if you look at what the second Adams had accomplished by the time he was elected president, it is plain to see that he reached the position of his own volition and not due to his famous father.

Third, the Federalist Papers talk extensively about the problems with the English dynasties and the necessity that they be avoided.

Finally, and this is telling, other than John Adams, a president with a son was not elected until Rutherford B Hayes in 1876.

See Akhil Reed Amar, America's Constitution: A Biography (2006)     

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Re: Spread The Word Before Tuesday
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If you actually listen to Obama talk, he doesn't say anything of substance.  All he says is change.  Most candidates are similarly empty, but not to this extent.  I don't think he's a bad candidate, but I think what he says sounds a lot better than it actually is.