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Re: Which bar review course?

Re: Which bar review course?
« on: January 28, 2008, 05:39:53 AM »
PMBR is just MBE. I thought it was better than BarBri MBE. BarBri does the state subjects plus MBE and MPT and a couple graded essays.

The BarBri essay stuff is okay. They also try to sell essay advantage as an add-on. Essay advantage gives an extra day of essay lecture (two days? can't remember anymore) plus a few more graded essays.

Anyone can do the BarBri iPod version, as long as they're willing to fork over more cash.

I've heard MicroMash is pretty good, but I don't have any personal experience with it. Not sure on any of the others.

Re: Which bar review course?
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Does anyone have experience with The Study Group? 

Re: Which bar review course?
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has anyone taken the barbri self-study (ipod)? thoughts?

i'm considering the homestudy option, though the idea of listening to all of the lectures on ipod sounds painful. i was at least expecting a DVD option or something along those lines given the cost of admission (an additional 1500 for the homstudy!!)


Re: Which bar review course?
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Re: Which bar review course?
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I've decided to take BarBri and the PMBR 3-day - in my area the 3-day is held before BarBri starts and that seems a more comfortable arrangement for me - woul dnot want to take a 6-day workshop after BarBari...and then face the bar. Too much...

You have this backwards.  The 6 day workshop which is subject intensive is the week before barbri, and the 3 day review workshop is right after barbri.

I took the dry run of PMBR and it was excellent.  My prof at the school's bar prep course says that barbri is better for those of us that are not good at self study.  However, if you are good at self study, then micromash is just as good.  He highly recommends both PMBR and either Barbri or Micromash.  PMBR teaches you tricks to getting the right answer that you won't get anywhere else.

I talked to someone that took "pass your bar online" and she said it wasn't really worth it, to just do PMBR and Barbri.

Re: Which bar review course?
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So is the 6day PMBR worth it or is the 3 day just as good.  (in addition to Barbri)

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Depends on where you're at whether you want the 6-day, the 3-day or both. I was really unsure how I'd do on the MBE topics, so I did both. (Join the ABA and you save about $80 on the signup, less if you only do one.)

The 6-day goes over one MBE subject per day. You take a test in the morning, and go over the questions in the afternoon. It's a good intro to each subject. And, as has been noted, occurs prior to BarBri starting or about the same time.

The 3-day has one MBE test (200 questions) and then goes over those questions on the subsequent 2 days. It's held later, and is more last-minute prep, things they trip people up on, etc. By that point, you should have a fairly good grasp of the substantive areas so it's more fine tuning. Oh, and the questions they give you are fairly difficult. I thought the actual MBE was a easier than the PMBR version.

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I'm doing the barbri ipod self-study right now, to answer T. Durden's question. I really like it, other than the fact that I'm really sick of my own company, and am going a little stir crazy sitting in the house doing the work every day. I hooked the ipod up to some speakers, and I blast the lectures while I clean the house, play online solitare, and do jigsaw puzzles on the living room floor. I have this big book of handouts that go with each of the lectures, and I haven't had any trouble taking notes on the handouts while doing other things. Barbri had a suggested paced learning schedule that I downloaded and follow somewhat faithfully (I stopped reading the big outlines on day two). I just took the simulated MBE this past weekend, along with all the other people from my state taking barbri (except that I did mine at the dining room table). I apparently scored 16 points above the average, so I'm feeling pretty good about the program at this point.


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Re: Which bar review course?
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I took BarBri and the 3 day and 6 day PMBR.  I signed up with PMBR before they started limiting the discounts, so I got $200 off because of the ABA and signing up early.  So it cost me 795 for both courses.  I figured, if it will make me feel more confident, I'm up for it.  I don't plan on taking the Texas bar more than once. 

I thought the 6 day course was good, because it wiped out cobwebs from first year, and shows you where your weaknesses are from the start.  You learn a lot by doing the questions and going over the answers. 

The three day course is necessary.  I know I saw some very similar fact patterns in the 3 day as on the exam.  I recommend going and taking the practice test, at the site (some people picked it up and went home.)  I think doing it there, under simulated conditions, gives you a sense of what it will be like on test day.  I also recommend forcing yourself to sit there and go over all the answers. A lot of people only came back for the second day. 

BarBri lectures are pretty good as well.  But I don't feel like barbri's questions or lectures prepare you that much for the MBE.  I think BarBri is better for specific state essays and the MPT.

I think its important to do what makes you feel comfortable.  I think if you work hard at it, no matter what courses you take, and stay persistent and diligent about studying in an organized fashion, you should be fine.

At any rate, good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Which bar review course?
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Anybody have thoughts or recommendations? Barbri? PMBR? What are the advantages/disadvantages of one over the other?