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I'm seriously considering BU this fall and would like some info regarding employment prospects from current students...there's some info available in other threads but alot of it is significantly dated.  Any info is helpful...thanks!!!

I understand that this board seldom gets read by anyone.  However, I decide to clarify something just in case there are pre-laws actually read it before deciding where to go.  I am currently a 1L at BU, and so far I am quite pleased with my BU experience.  I am not one of the gunners, yet only 6 months after I got into BU, I have 2 big-name-firm full round interviews lined up: one for 1L summer associate position and one priority interview for 2009 summer program.   My case might not be typical (I'm an international student), but most of the 3Ls I know end up with good jobs.  Check the dates of the posts before you decide whom to believe (I talked to some alumini and learnt that once upon a time the legal market was crappy). 

update:  I got an offer through my 1st interview and I'm to work for one of the big-laws this summer as an 1L. 


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