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Happy Lawyers?

Happy Lawyers?
« on: January 23, 2008, 08:01:22 PM »
I must apologixe for my previous posts... I was just angry and depressed and said those awful fictious statements as a reflection of those feelings. I never was serious nor intended to do such things nor intend to ever do so such things. I apologize to anyone who was offended or hurt by those statements. It was not my intention to do so but instead were a reflection of a momentary case of the common 1L blues expressed in an inappropriate way.

Essentially though my question now is to those who have graduated from law school and practiced law. I am fascinated by what we are learning, especially Contracts, Property and Constitutional, but even Civil Procedure (in how something as seemingly simple as the decision made in Erie v. Tompkins spawns subsequent cases which are difficult issues for the court to examine) and legal skills (especially the oral arguments aspect). Further, I have no problems with any of my law professors. All seem pretty nice, with the possible exception of one who I will never have again. I am also interest in trying to apply what we learn to fact patterns.

However, law school overall is not fun or enjoyable. I don't mind the work but just the excessive competition (mind you normal levels are fine) and stress all to only have it amount to one 2-3 hour test which is in most cases worth the entire course grade. How can I reconcile the fact that I am fascinated with law with the fact I don't really like being a law student? Is it better once law school is over and you are in practice? Anyone here who loves practicing law but didn't really love being a law student?

Re: Happy Lawyers?
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I am really relieved that you were not serious in your last post.

Re: your question of this post... I am just a student like you, but I have known attorneys who are quite happy with their practice.  I don't personally know any attorneys that hate what they do.

Talk to your career office and see if they can give you advice on doing informational interviews.  School alumni would be great people to interview.  A question you could ask as part of such an interview is how satisfying do the lawyers find their work, and what do they do to keep a good work/life balance (I think this gets to happiness without being as forward or intrusive as "Are you happy?")

If you have professors who practiced law before becoming teachers, you could also talk to them and pick their brains about how they felt about practicing and what life in the legal world is like outside of law school. 

School's rough, but it shouldn't be misery all the time.  Hang in there!

Re: Happy Lawyers?
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also just a student and glad you werent serious.  everyone kinda gets down in law school, because its school and its not fun.  i have met so many lawyers that love what they do, so there must be a better experience on the other side of things.

my advice to you is to just try to make some time for a life outside law school.  law school sucks with the randomness of grades and the lack of job prospects.  And, if you ever get depressed about it and want someone to talk to, shoot me a message on here.   

Re: Happy Lawyers?
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2008, 08:16:17 AM »
Almost every lawyer I've worked with or know is at least generally happy.

Also, keep in mind the old adage: If you hate law school you will love practicing law.  I can see why there is truth to this now.


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Re: Happy Lawyers?
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2008, 08:50:04 AM »
There is no such thing as a happy lawyer.  Aren't you supposed to be polling to see how you are going to kill yourself?  Don't tell me you are backing down.  Coward.