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How to find out if they are real or fake

How to find out if they are real or fake
« on: January 22, 2008, 12:25:25 PM »

go to search option, search "schools" then click on the link to search the schools listed. They are split into aba approved, state accredited, unaccredited/state approved, and correspondence. If they are not on it, then they are fake.

Novus law school is not on it. Novus is fake. I emailed them to ask why they are not on it, and they said they dont want it to constrict their ability to teach as they see fit. They only offer the suggestion for internships after graduating but they fail to offer assistance finding interships and they fail to tell you that you dont need their fake JD to do it. California lets you do it without one. Some states require 1 year of law school, but they require aba or state approved. Novus was allowed to operate as a school under california law but not to issue law degrees capable of sitting the bar. The agency that "approved" their school status was now shut down by california for being inefficant. As a result they are not even state approved in any way, accept as being listed in the better business bureau, which would by comparision make a car dealership listed by them as much of a school as they are.

Re: How to find out if they are real or fake
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just out of curiosity, has anyone been fooled by a fake school? If so did you pay in first, if so did you sue the SOB's?