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transfer potential and tier system

transfer potential and tier system
« on: January 14, 2008, 05:08:03 PM »
hello, can someone tell me what Tier 1 law schools actually consist of, is it the top 100 schools listed on US news website (in which case, loyola, usd, etc would be considered tier 1 even though they rank below 60)? (b/c I remember seeing some other website breaking down the top 100 schools and then creating tiers 1 thru 4 within the top 100.) thanks; this seemed the most proper place to post despite i'm just now begining to apply to law schools (ya purtty darn late)

this seems related: i'm thinking about loyola and usd since i have a 3.56/165 and probably no soft factors at all, if i get in and spend a year at either school, and be in top 5 percent 1L, how likely would i be able to transfer to the top 10 law schools

and n00bish question, is 1L grades really much dependent on luck as I've read around the websites. any schools have a repuation of a more lenient curve?

thanks all, hopefully i've not trespassed upon any posting rules

Re: transfer potential and tier system
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o sorry just noticed on us news ranking it displays top 100 school being split to two tiers, and then comes t3 t4

Re: transfer potential and tier system
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thx lloyd

Re: transfer potential and tier system
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People like to chalk the 1L grades up to luck simply because the people you expect to do well don't, and the people who you don't expect to do well are at the top of the class. Its not about luck - it is about how well you take an exam, and how hard you work to actually learn the material. Just because someone studies 24 hours a day during exam period doesn't mean they deserve to do well, or should feel "unlucky" when they screw up, hard work throughout the semester has a lot to do with it. Also, some people just get it alot better than others, I'm not one of them, so I work my a$$ off to do mediocre.