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Thinking of quitting law school...

Re: Thinking of quitting law school...
« Reply #10 on: January 12, 2008, 06:53:23 AM »
Hi! I had a dream last night that I dropped out of law school. (I also dreamt that i finally got my grades back and got an A on Civ Pro...that is impossible! But nice.) Anyway. I pretended that i was still in law school in the dream b/c i wanted to keep what I have lined up for the summer.

I guess what all this means to me is: I am not thrilled in law school, I am confused b/c I have no idea if I am any good at this, but, I realize the value of the degree. And what I want to do--well, I don't know exactly--but it will not involve Big Law and big hours.

So to the OP, I wish you well in deciding...but this early in the game, I think it's hard to tell if you will enjoy practicing law or not. I know a bit about civ pro and some other things now, but i have no idea what it will be like to practice law.

And as a 1L, I can attest to the overall crazy environment. I hate it. I stay as far away from school as I can. But law school is not defined by all that. You make it what you want to make it. This semester, I am going to study less but more productively...and I am going to work out and talk to friends!! That keeps me sane.

Good luck!


Re: Thinking of quitting law school...
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agreed, even if you dont do well, you will have a degree and great non-law options for after graduation

Can anyone provide examples of the great non-law options for a J.D.?

yeah, i've heard this a lot, but I think it's mostly a myth. The only jobs I know of are in operations and some mid level managemtn, doing stuff like negotiating contracts


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Re: Thinking of quitting law school...
« Reply #12 on: January 12, 2008, 09:56:59 AM »
I'm a 3L and can promise you the classes and lifestyle get much easier after 1L. During 2L, the professors stop using the socratic method and instead treat you with respect like a future colleage. And the above poster is right, 3L is a freakin' cakewalk.

You mentioned that you are terribly out of shape as well. But the truth is that you can make time to work out if you really want to, and it's definitely worth it. Exercise relieves stress, makes you feel good, and makes it easier to deal with the 1L workload. Perhaps instead of scouring this discussion board, you could jump on a treadmill or pick a hobby. For me IM sports was an aweseom source of fun and stress relief during 1L.

As for jobs, I was in the bottom of my 1L class and faced the same grim job prospects as you. The bottom line is that you can either use your grades as a source of frustration or motivation, but its ultimately up to you. The choice is yours. I hustled and ended up with a federal clerkship so now I'm just cruising to the finish line. I really hope you don't drop out of law school based on 1L experience but lets face it, many people do. Just know that 1L is not a good indicator of what it means to be a lawyer. At least get a 1L summer job and see if you like it, perhaps clerking in the local court. Make it happen.