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Funny story. The epitome of my law school experience...

Funny story. The epitome of my law school experience...
« on: December 30, 2007, 02:07:21 AM »
Im a third year at a T2 school. So far I have matched As with Cs and B+s with C+s to have just over a 3 point. This semester, I decided to really get after it and challenge myself. I took 16 very challenging credits, with 5 in class and curved exams. I also worked 2 jobs throughout the semester. As the semester neared finals, I knew I was really going to have to kick it into high gear. That's what I did. I stayed pretty calm and executed meticulously. Everything seemingly went amazing. I felt so good that I have just put in so many 16 hour days and every exam was possibly A work. It was the hardest I have worked in law school, and the first time Ive finished finals with a positive feeling of how I did.

First Grade IN: Estate and Gift Tax - C+ 2.5 - This exam was very difficult. Possibly the hardest exam I have taken in law school and it was only 50 MC. It took my a full 3 hours to take it. He then fead it trough the machine and gave me the disappointing grade I deserved.

Next Grade IN: Business Enterprise Tax - A 4.0 - This exam was a total beast. I spent days going through the code sections and,annotating them. The test itself was 45 MC (the 6or 7 answer kind) and then 4 30-50min essays. It was so hard, but that A means a lot to me. Many say it is the hardest class at law school so it was a minor triumph.

Next Grade IN: International Law - C 2.0 - This one almost gave me a f-ing heart attack. It was supposed to be my easiest class "oh he doesnt give Cs in there" I did the reading, participated, studied a lot, and then took his super subjective 3 essay final exam. Spent 3 hours writing about traty obligations, torture, the environment, and left knowing I had just ripped an A or maybe a B+. No idea whats going on with this one. Im gonna have to dispute it.

Ethics IN: C+ 2.5 - Another god old C+. I thought I dominated this exam also. Another purely inexplainable grade.

Secured Transactions waiting.......

So I get a terrible schedule of 5 exams in 7 gays. I make the best out of it, study my ass off, go into every test feeling good, leave feeling good. Then I get kicked in the crotch from the grades. 4 pointing hard hard classes and 2 pointing easy ones.

Law school is so lame. I want to do an LLM really badly in tax or corporate and I keep running through these dumb classes that I should be smoking and leave with mediocre grades. Now I hope to God this last semester didnt pull the ru under from my llm plans.

Re: Funny story. The epitome of my law school experience...
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What was supposed to be funny about that?  It sounds kind of depressing to me.  Oh well, I'm sick of holiday cheer anyway.

Re: Funny story. The epitome of my law school experience...
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Maybe it's funny b/c it doesn't matter how much work you put in ... grades just seem random?

Re: Funny story. The epitome of my law school experience...
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Did you learn the material?  I think that sometimes it is easy to forget that at the end of our law school days, having gained the tools to be good lawyers is what is probably the most important thing you can do.  Don't forget that in 20 years you will be more proud of yourself if you worked hard and learned the stuff and just didn't write good exams, than if LS came easy for you and you were a crappy lawyer b/c you  were only good at writing exams, not practicing.

Just trying to insert a little pollyanna into a bad situation.