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SMU part time scholarships?

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Does anyone know whether SMU offers scholarships to part-time law students and, if so, the average amount that's granted?


doubt it, dont know for sure, but schools have no incentive to give scholarship money to part time students.  Part time students do very little for the school wrt usnews so schools typically do not give out any money.  call the financial aid office to be sure though.

I know several students in the SMU Part time program and none of them have scholarships.  I don't think that any scholarships are given to part time students, especially with the evening program in full swing.  There are a few evening program scholarships, but in terms of part time day program don't expect much, if anything.

They do indeed offer scholarships to part-time students. If you check out the ABA Official Guide thing on the LSAC web site, it says that 14.7% of part-time students receive scholarships, and all of them are less than half-tuition.

I know people in the part-time program with partial scholarships.  A good friend got about $5k/yr ($20k total) without stellar numbers.  It is not alot but it is something.  I do know of others with scholarship but do not know the amounts.  It does seem fairly easy to keep the scholarship once you get it, the grade requirements are fairly low for keeping it.


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