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China based office--paralegal?

China based office--paralegal?
« on: December 26, 2007, 04:47:57 PM »
I just graduated from college and I did pretty well on the LSATs(mid160s)and in order to finance law school as well as gain a greater focus in law and get some good experience I am applying to become a paralegal for 2yrs before entering law school.

I know a little bit about what these firms are looking for in terms of applicants for american based offices, but I am considering applying to these firms that have offices in China. I studied chinese in college for 2yrs and am taking refresher courses to not loose what I learned.

I am interested in trying to work in a Beijing office for one of these law firms, however I am a little skeptical about applying since I do not speak Mandarin Chinese fluently.  My question is: are there law firms, that have offices in China, that are looking to hire recent college graduates even their fluency in Chinese is subpar at this point?  Would these law firms be willing to hire a applicant like myself if I am willing to devout time (yrs) to working as a paralegal in China where I would also be improving on my Chinese.  Can anyone tell me a little more about this, because I do not know much about international law, espically China, and how to enter a market like this?

Thank you for guidance,