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Crazy to choose state intermediate appellate court over highest appellate court?


Would I be crazy to choose a state intermediate appellate court over the highest appellate court?

Some important info:
I'd like to clerk after school.
I'd like to work in a state other than my T2 school, and both courts are in that state.
The intermediate court would have me writing opinions, about one per week.
The highest court would have me writing memos, about one every two weeks.

Does the better name of the highest court outweigh the possibly better experience from the intermediate court?  Since I'd like to clerk, I think it would be great to have opinion writing experience, but since I'm going to a lower-ranked school outside my desired location, I think the higher name might be better for getting me interviews.

i think the name outweighs in terms of clerking.  both of them are writing and resaerching positions.


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I agree, I think the name will carry far more weight when applying for clerkships for after graduation.