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Books and CD's for Sale

Books and CD's for Sale
« on: December 20, 2007, 01:23:10 AM »
ALL of these books are in great condition!

Gilbert Law School Legends Audio CD’s
   *Federal Income Tax- $25
   *Civil Procedure- $30
   *Contracts- $25

Gilbert Law Summaries
   *Civ Pro (16th edition)- $20
   *Contracts (14th edition)- $20

Understanding Constitutional Law (2nd edition)- $20

   *Property (2nd edition)- $17
   *Basic Federal Income Tax (2006)- $17
   *Torts (2nd edition)- $17

Legalines- Income Tax (Keyed to the Freeland casebook- 13th edition)- $15

   *Evidence (revised first edition)- $22
   *Federal Income Tax- $22

E-Z Review for Federal Income Tax- $15

Courtroom Evidence Handbook, 2007-2008 Student Edition- $15

“The Anatomy of A Lawsuit”- $12

“Law School Confidential”- $10

Examples & Explanations for Civ Pro (5th edition)- $15

Civil Procedure Hornbook (Thomson West- 4th edition)- $18

Contracts (Aspen Publishers- 4th edition)- $18