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Help! Am going to be a defense witness in a rape case and need practice ?'s!!!

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Hi Everyone;
I'm not a law student or anything, but I've got a situation on my hands and finally figured out where I might be able to get some help.  Next Monday, Dec. 10th, I've been subpoenaed to be a witness for the defense in a rape case against a 'former' friend of mine.  The best way that I can explain this situation without driving you all crazy is just to bullet the details, and see if any of this will make sense to you.  Forgive me for giving you non-pertinent details, if I do, but they're probably pertinent to me somehow.  Keep in mind as you read this that although I am VERY MUCH CONVINCED THAT I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING AND THAT "MY FRIEND" IS VERY WRONG FOR USING PEOPLE TO HER ADVANTAGE, I SEEM TO COME ACROSS AS AMBIVALENT SINCE SHE WASMY FRIEND; THEREFORE IT'S AS THOUGH THE QUESTIONS ASKED OF ME WILL CONTAIN BOTH PRE-TRIAL ANSWERS AS WELL AS TRIAL ANSWERS; which I realize is an impossibity.  Nobody seems to know how to or want to practice with me (defense atty included); they just say, "Answer Yes, No, and Tell the Truth"..............which I WILL, but when they ask (for instance) "What is your relationship with Diana (my former friend who did NOT get raped.......sorry law students; she didn't)?".......well,my answer would be "She used to be my friend but no longer is."  or "We were friends" or "None"..........see my dilemma?  Anyway, let's give this a shot and see if anyone is brave enough to fire some defense and Diana-side (I don't even know the terminology) questions at me for me to practice with.  BTW; there's been no deposition, and I was subpoenaed because I told Anton (the accused) that YES, I would testify in his defense, but would have to be required to do so; I do NOT want this to look like some stupid girlie fight; and it will, I'm afraid.  Ok, here goes.

---I have to break this up into about 3 posts, I'm afraid---

it sounds like your entire issue is your current credibility.  by pledging to tell the truth you're agreeing to put aside any slant.  simply dictating that, at the time, she was your colleague/best friend/whatever, you establish a fact pattern of being in the know at the time.  if anyone asks why you are not friends anymore simply state it is because of this issue or a behavioral pattern within her actions you don't agree with.  loading your answers, however, is incredibly immoral, as is making this post as it may limit your credibility

It sounds like a girlie fight, and you sound petty.