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Not from out of state, but I am leaning more and more toward Baylor as the time for new student orientation moves into two-month territory.

Mr. Roe:
I hope you all enjoy the most cut-throat school in the country.

^ Explain how it is so cut-throat


--- Quote from: Mr. Roe on November 28, 2007, 01:55:02 PM ---I hope you all enjoy the most cut-throat school in the country.

--- End quote ---

Do you say this because you personally are knowledgeable concerning the environment at Baylor? Or do you get this impression from its students being labeled "Most Competitive" on certain rankings?

Also, I took the luxury of reading some of your other posts around here. You seem to be quite the cynic; I'd have to say your consistency of opinion is somewhat admirable.


--- Quote from: JISBB on November 24, 2007, 03:10:17 PM ---I was accepted as well. I also am graduating from undergrad early and starting law school right away. Only thing is, I am from New York - I was wondering if anyone who was accepted is from out-of-state as well.


--- End quote ---

where from in NY? my girlfriend is from Albany, and we met at undergrad. she loves dallas and texas in general, but ymmv. definitely different lifestyle from NY and NJ (having seen both), but you should come down and tour it. it's pretty nice


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