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Want to get Job Out of State Need Advice


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Re: Want to get Job Out of State Need Advice
« Reply #10 on: January 24, 2008, 08:38:58 PM »
Try the intercollegiate job bank through BYU.  Ask your schools career services for the username and password. 

I am going to school on the east coast but am a CA native and the West is the Best. I was lucky to get a summer position in CA but it was difficult getting my foot in the door. I sent out around 50 resumes and cover letters to LA and SF firms in August. Nobody was interested even though I had good grades and law review. I think it was because in August I only sent stuff to vault 1-30 firms and I think they hired mostly from OCI. In Dec. I sent about 30 resume and cover letters to small and medium sized firms and government organizations (all unsolicited-I don't know who was hiring) and only heard back from 1 government organization which looked like a god job, but didn't pay so I had to ding it. I ultimately found the job I had because my career services offices tipped me off about a firm that was hiring. The hardest thing is finding firms that are hiring because I can't access the local schools job boards.

P.S. does anyone know how to access local schools job boards?