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2008 MBE Outlines -

2008 MBE Outlines -
« on: November 16, 2007, 08:45:42 PM »
Hey Gang,

I'm selling the outlines I created to study for the July 2007 MBE.  The entire set for $15.  This set of outlines makes the vast amount of material you need to know more organized and manageable.  I passed all portions of the July 2007 Florida Bar Exam with these outlines.  I scored a 154 on the MBE and a 153 on Florida!  I've listed the outlines on my website:

The material for these outlines comes from various sources including:

1)      Barbri Live/Video prep course

2)      Books, outlines, and other materials provided by Barbri

3)      PMBR CDs (all of the MBE subjects)

4)      PMBR 3 and 6 day early-bird prep course

All of the above materials cost over $4,000.00.  Each outline has precious key words and hot exam topics highlighted and bolded, based on their likelihood of appearing on the MBE.  Not only does this help you know what to focus on, but it makes life a lot easier.  The outlines have been refined through reviewing thousands of MBE questions (real and practice) and the released and practice essay questions.  The outlines also make memorization easy by including the acronyms, tips for memorization, and other shortcuts learned in Barbri and PMBR.  Save hours of precious study time!
The topics include:





Criminal Procedure

Criminal Law

Constitutional Law

    * I can't tell you how IMPORTANT it is for your success on the Bar to have ALL subjects presented in a condensed form and conveniently available to you when you actually practice the multistate questions.  Don't make the mistake of buying too many books for too much money; you will not have the time to read them all.  The more you actually practice, the more likely you are to succeed.  Get ready for the February 2008 exam now!  These outlines are great study tools for current law students, too.  Even if you are already enrolled in a commercial-review course, these outlines highlight the important areas that examiners frequently test on.  Make your life easier!
    * The outlines are in Microsoft Word format (.DOC files), delivered via email (free) or CD copy (w/ $2 shipping charge).

Please see my feedback, which is an excellent indicator from objective third parties as to the quality of materials you will receive.

Here's what other customers have said:

"Exactly as described.  Great outlines.  Thanks!"
"Exactly as described.  Fast turn around."
"good outlines - immediate delivery - thanks!"
"Thank you for the outlines - they are great!"
"Awesome notes, thanks very much!"
"Easy transaction!!! Info quickly emailed!!! Highly recommended!!!"
"Awesome!  Outlines just as described!  Thank you for this amazing alternative to commercial bar review!"
"Congratulations on passing the Bar!  I hope the same success passes on to me!"

Check out the website I set up:  Payment via PayPal, money order, or personal check.