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Online Resources for 1L's & Summer Jobs

Online Resources for 1L's & Summer Jobs
« on: November 13, 2007, 10:23:07 AM »
Yes... this is a bit of a shameless plug to get my companies website mentioned on this website. But I have been unable to get word through to the administrator to add it to the RESOURCES page at this site. (If they are listening, please contact me so I can fully explain our service.)

As a 1L you are probably wondering what options you have in getting your resume out there, and how to do a good search for firms that are hiring. Our website is dedicated to Law Students, and it was built  and developed by a Law Student. While it cost a small amount ($29.95) to get access, it is well worth it, as it is unlimited access for a year. It is not to invest when you consider postage.

Right now we are having a FALL promotion, up until 2008. If you enter the Code FALL07 you will get $3.00 off the regular rate.

The best way to use the site it to broadcast as many resumes as you can. It isn't easy getting a position in a firm as a student. Do not make the mistake of sending 100 (or fewer) resumes in your search, have the ability to send THOUSANDS. Don't be in a position where you say yes to a lesser position that you deserve.

If you like the service, do us a favor and tell a friend that is in the same boat as you. We have lots of incentives, and further savings to try and spread the word. We offer a refer a friend service, and are always looking for affiliates to help by placing posters on campus to spread the word.

The best thing about our service (unlike others) is that you will be the only person who ever knows that you did (yes - our involvement is completely hidden). We are completely dedicated to students, and know how to best help you.

Feel free to email me for more information. To be fair here is a list of top online employment resources for law students. I won't lie and tell you that we are the only resource you will need, but we are the best way to get started: