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Resume Samples, Cover Letter Samples, Etc

Resume Samples, Cover Letter Samples, Etc
« on: November 05, 2007, 12:10:20 PM »
Does anyone know a good place to find some resume and or/ cover letter samples, our Career Center gave some out, they seem pretty generic, I think I would like to have something with a little more style. I know nothing crazy, but anyone have a resume that has worked for them in terms of masking it something a little more noticeable then 12 pt. Times New Roman etc


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Re: Resume Samples, Cover Letter Samples, Etc
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2007, 12:22:12 PM » may have some, but don't worry too much about this stuff. The substance of your resume matters more than the font used. The average employer spends about 8 seconds looking at your resume. (I was surprised by this statistic until I myself began hiring and interviewing people! There simply isn't a lot of time in the day, and I've got more things on my plate than scrutinizing your resume. I will notice an impressive employer, university, work experience, location, and of course-- I will notice typos and grammar errors).

You are going for a law job, not a graphic design job. They will be taking note of law school, GPA (if you are 1L, they will be looking at your UGPA as well), relevant EC's and relevant work experience. So don't worry about the look being too generic.

Stick to a plain and easy to read font. Use white space appropriately to break up large blocks of text. Also, if you were a "member" of a club, leave it off unless you chaired an event. Members go to meetings. Leaders plan events or campaigns, write, budget and supervise others.

Remember there is a possibility that your resume may be scanned or faxed at some point-- keep it clean and simple because multiple reproductions by fax can limit how legible it will look.

Do keep it to one page. Unless you have had a 20+ year professional career, you don't need a 2 page resume. It will get thrown away (personal experience on both sides of the hiring desk) -- show with your resume that you are a good, concise communicator.

The best cover letters I have ever seen actually addressed me as the hiring manager and took the time to share with me why the prospective was interested in working for my company, as well as sharing some information that was not on their resume (or expanding on 1-2 highlights of the resume). Make the cover letter personal to the job you are applying to. I can attest that once I realized this as a job seeker, my return rates were awesome! It means limiting the pool of applications down, but each resume you send out is of higher quality. Look to incorporate/paraphrase key words or phrases from the job description into your resume.

When I read a prospective employee's cover letter or resume, I'm less concerned with how amazing he is. Rather, I'm scanning the resume quickly to see 1) What can he do for me? Does he meet the minimum standard? Under-qualified? Overqualified? 2) On paper, does it look like this guy will fit in with the rest of my team? If most of my workers went to State College, they might be wary of the guy from Ivy University. No matter how good the guy is, that could be disruptive to my group. 3) Is he interesting? Would I be able to supervise him.

This is all before I even call someone for an interview.

Hiring is a very subjective science. I have gotten some very pretty resumes over the years, but once I read them, I realized the writer was hiding behind a flashy font and had nothing substantive to bring to the job. Those resumes got thrown in the trash.

Just be yourself and double and triple check your spelling. Don't over-embellish, and be someone others can relate to and rely upon.

Re: Resume Samples, Cover Letter Samples, Etc
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2007, 03:57:42 PM »
Make an appointment with Steinberg.  He went to Harvard undergrad and Harvard Law and he knows his stuff.  I went to him when I was a  1L and he was extremely helpful; he'll help you with your resume and cover letter.